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Resumption Of UK Visa Application centres in India From 6th July.

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With resumption of tourism in couple of countries, few UK visa application centres in India has plans to resume their services from  6th of July while adhering to all the preventive measure for Staff & applicants. Due to Covid – 19 all VAC’s were closed but with things getting back to normal few UK VAC’s in India such as South Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata, New Delhi, etc. are set to reopen. Applicants who were not able to attend their previous appointments due to pandemic will be called by the VAC and new appointment date will be scheduled. Also the applicants who have filled the form but were unable to book the appointment can again log in to their account and book new appointment. Considering the pandemic clients need to follow all the preventive measures and are requested to opt for courier services for delivery of their passport after the decision is made. If the decision is made on the application then VAC will call the applicant to arrange the collection of passport on the given date. Applicants are expected to  wear masks, maintain social distancing at Visa application centres. Facilities such as Super Priority Visa, Priority Visa Service (Visit), Priority Visa for settlement or migration service and walk in services are temporarily closed.  There are many rules and conditions for entering UK because of Coronavirus, more information is available on VAC website.

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